Noël’s seven books about Sasquatch cover a broad range of topics. They discuss what the creature is (a fellow human species, a wild version of ourselves), its typical handiwork (stick and tree structures), its behavior toward us (both evasive and interactive), and then, most importantly, what this handiwork and behavior say about the fundamental nature of our forest-dwelling next of kin.

Drawing together source material from the fields of autism research, cognitive science, primatology, genetics, and experimental psychology, Noël’s books seek to advance the conversation beyond eyewitness accounts and repetitive physical descriptions (as compelling as these can be), to chart a course toward a broader recognition of this intimate inter-species dance and toward a more accurate view of our own place in the tree of life.


Through interviews with researchers all across North America, this podcast aims to raise awareness of the extremely close proximity between human civilization and our wild and ingenious next of kin. The podcast site is TheNearnessofYou.net

If you have been documenting evidence of Sasquatch near your home and/or near a city or town and would like to be considered as a guest on the podcast, or if you know of someone who might be interested, please contact Christopher here.

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What others are saying about Impossible Visits

“A very new and very refreshing theory has come to light by a gentleman who I’ve been able to get out on the land with, Christopher Noël. He’s got a book out called The Mind of Sasquatch. He’s starting to draw parallels between some of the attributes and activities of Sasquatch…and autism. We can look at the swaying back and forth and the savant-like abilities…those are things that are hard to deny. And this is brand new. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the most refreshing perspectives on what this phenomenon is that I’ve heard in a long time.”

Les StroudInterviewed by Connie Willis on "Coast to Coast AM," September 5, 2015

“Chris is a thinker, and I like that. He ties some behaviors you’ll find with people who have autism together with Sasquatch. When he first told me his theory, I was like “Mmm, I don’t know about that,” but the more he and I talked, I thought, You know what, there are some coincidences between the two. If people get a chance, go to the Impossible Visits channel on YouTube. Chris does a great job the way he puts together his videos.”

Wes GermerInterviewed on Episode 406 of Sasquatch Chronicles, February 16, 2018