About Christopher Noël

For the past thirteen years, Noël has been a student of the Sasquatch species. His goal has been to learn all he can and to share this knowledge with the world through books. First, he got to know people living at “habituation sites” (places where Sasquatch are more comfortable than usual interacting with us) and then included their testimonials, with permission, in Our Life with Bigfoot. In every book since then, Noël has explored a different aspect of Sasquatch nature and behavior—from their striking parallels with “autistic savants” (in The Mind of Sasquatch and The Sasquatch Savant Theory) to the kinds of stick and tree structures they build (in A Field Guide to Sasquatch Structures) to their apparent use of electromagnetic energy (in Electric Sasquatch) to how astonishingly close to civilization they routinely operate, much closer than most people ever realize (in Next of Kin Next Door) to, most recently, the widely reported phenomenon of psychic communication between our two species (in Mindspeak).

Christopher’s Bigfoot Story

Like many people, Christopher first became fascinated with Sasquatch, as a child, after seeing the Patterson/Gilman film. As an adult, he began attending BFRO Expeditions and learning from veterans in the field. After finding out about habituation sites, he made contact with people who were experiencing regular visits to their homes and properties. At one of these places, in East Texas, Christopher was able to film a Sasquatch spying from behind a pile of lumber. You can see this footage here.

Next, he realized that he didn’t have to travel far and wide to make contact with our kindred species. Two miles from his home in northern Vermont, in a deep ravine, Christopher experienced consistent interaction with a group of Sasquatch and especially two, whom he called Music Man and Pitcher. For twenty-one remarkable days in a row during August and September 2014, Music Man would knock loudly on trees (like drumming) behind a thick screen of trees, and Pitcher would throw barrages of pine cones toward Christopher, sometimes even hitting him on the head. He interpreted this as playful behavior and has never had reason to think otherwise.

One day in 2015, he filmed a juvenile Sasquatch (perhaps Music Man or Pitcher?) hiding behind a small pine tree.

Juvenile Sasquatch

Christopher’s research in the ravine is documented here.

Currently, he’s focusing his efforts on demonstrating how extremely close to human civilization Sasquatch routinely operate. Christopher believes that we can make progress in this field only by increasing our use of audio recording in the forests near us. When more and more researchers and ordinary citizens become interested in putting their ear to the keyhole, so to speak, the reality of how intimately we co-exist with our next of kin will emerge. His recent video on this topic is “At the Sasquatch Keyhole.

His Mission

Until the existence of our enormous next of kin is finally accepted by society and science, it is vitally important that serious researchers continue to shed light on the remarkable reality of Sasquatch through field work videos, documentaries, and books; Christopher Noël says, “I’m privileged to be able to contribute to the conversation.”

Christopher is Currently: