Electric Sasquatch

How a Natural Force May Explain “Supernatural” Powers

Christopher Noël offers a rational explanation for many of the seemingly “supernatural” abilities displayed by this primate species. One by one, he takes on mystical claims, showing how the capacity to manipulate naturally occurring electricity can allow Sasquatch to perform such remarkable feats as making their eyes glow, “zapping” people with pulses of energy, disrupting our electronic equipment, creating flashes of light and “orbs”—and even apparently vanishing into thin air. This versatile use of electricity is certainly, by itself, an impressive evolutionary adaptation, but it’s far friendlier to the laws of physics than notions of fallen angels, demons, spirit beings, shapeshifters, star people, or interdimensional travelers. Noël spotlights Sasquatch as a flesh-and-blood creature endowed, yes, with unique and breathtaking qualities, but firmly embedded in the natural world.