Tapping into Sasquatch and Science

Down through the ages, certain people have displayed telepathic abilities; for them, “reading minds” is as natural as breathing. But only recently has science begun to catch up, seeking a framework within which to comprehend and measure this phenomenon. By the same token, those who have interacted with Sasquatch have commonly reported an intimate mental contact. Descriptions of this experience cover the whole emotional range from euphoria to fascination to profound terror. Some believe they must be hallucinating or going insane; after his incident, Survivorman Les Stroud suspected schizophrenia, while another witness contained in this book feared he was having a brain aneurysm. Instead, they were perfectly healthy and only experiencing what countless others have experienced in the presence of this highly advanced species. Mindspeakpresents twenty first-person accounts, including the author’s own—in which his skepticism is chipped away in a small East Texas town—and then turns to decades’ worth of experimental proof of telepathy in laboratories across the world. Lastly, Noël explores insights offered by quantum physics and the study of autistic savants, many of whom are gifted with psychic abilities and bear other striking similarities to our forest-dwelling next of kin.