Our Life with Bigfoot

Knowing our Next of Kin at Habituation Sites

The uncanny humanness of Sasquatch has emerged at “habituation sites” throughout North America. These are places with which members of this primate species have become familiar, returning regularly, often for years or generations. In the peaceful, inquisitive spirit of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, certain people have interacted with these visitors, seeking to learn their nature and behavior, to gradually reduce their ancient fear of us…and ours of them. Our Life with Bigfoottakes the reader behind the scenes to experience interactions at six such sites in Iowa, New York State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas, revealing the subtle intelligence of our partners in this strange inter-species dance. By paying close attention to the meaning of habituation sites—and quickly spreading the word about who these neighbors truly are—we can work to prevent a genocide, correcting the image of Sasquatch as a “monster” to be slain.